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Welcome to

Tempests in a Tea Cup

We’re three “in your face” published authors who have several goals in mind:

1. To sell our books

2. To support other published Authors in any way we can.

Authors! Have you noticed that we’re kindred spirits? We love to get together and natter about our beloved craft. We’re fascinating and congenial people when we meet up. No author’s eyes will glaze over at a party when a stranger tells them that they too are an author. Instead the two will have a never-ending discussion and leave with a hunger to    meet up again and continue a myriad of topics. We never run out of conversation.

My name’s Sue and, very soon, you’ll meet Jay and Marie. We all have much in common – we’re  published (some of us more than others); we write fiction; and we love to make the world spin on its axis.

As authors, we all tweet, FB, blog and tour. But isn’t it time we did something else?  How about an Author Buzz?

Over the next few weeks, Jay, Marie and I will be starting our campaign with a varied schedule. We’ll be promoting our books, your books – anyone’s books.

There’ll be rants if the mood takes us, contests to level out the fun; book talk – chats about books that have caught our eye or are yet to come. This’ll be the place to let off author steam because if you can’t do it here, where can you do it?

But don’t leave us on our own. Come and join us! Do you want to promote your books and suggest ways for others to do the same thing? How about posting a short story for everyone to read?

We’re still a tiny blog but we plan to become gynormous. Come back often, join us and see what we all have to offer each other. Authors should stick together – we understand each other.

***There are just a couple of stipulations: The three of us have published M/M books (although, not only), some of which have been erotic and some  completely non-explicit.  If you’re happy with that, then we’re happy with you.

The other stipulations are: You must be over 17 years old to take part in this blog and you must be a published author.

Why not leave us a comment? But in the meantime – Watch this space!



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